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Niagara Falls: 3 Tips To Having The Best Vacation
Is Niagara Falls your dream destination? Donít be afraid to admit it. For a lot of people, it is. Niagara Falls is always at the top of the ďplaces I want to runaway and get marriedĒ list. Well, Niagara Falls might not be giving Vegas a run for itís money these days, but itís still holding strong in a lot of peopleís minds as a place that they dream of for a variety of reasons. Japanese, American, and European tourists constantly rate it one of the best attractions in North America. Iíve compiled a list of three of my top tips to getting the most of a great Niagara Falls vacation.

1) IMAX. Donít overlook the power of technology at a natural attraction. IMAX can add a great 3rd party viewpoint to any attraction. In fact, a lot of times, Iíll go see an IMAX production before seeing the real thing to get an idea of what to look for. There might be all sorts of history attached to an attraction that you wonít know without someone telling you. Niagara Falls has an IMAX production that you should definitely watch.

2) Go to the Aquarium of Niagara Falls. Across the border, in Canada, you can find one of the best bargains in the area. Last we checked, they were only charging $7 for adults and $5 for children. While this might have changed since this articleís writing, itís still a good deal at any price.There are tons of cool fish and animals available for your viewing pleasure. Iím sure you will enjoy it, and itís a nice break from the rapids themselves.

3) Surf the shoulder seasons. This is really a great tip that someone gave me (sadly, I cannot take credit for it). Niagara Falls is best seen during the summer months. Much like Europe, the big crowds in Niagara Falls come during June through August. However, the weather is still really nice during late May and early September. Just because the rest of the world goes home during the last week in August, doesnít mean you have to. September is an especially beautiful time of year at Niagara Falls. Use it to your advantage and make your trip special without dealing with long lines and unmanageable crowds.

Tim Jeffries: Thinking about a trip to Niagara Falls? Learn all about Niagara Falls attractions at Tim Jeffries is a contributing author at

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